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Painting Nature

As I haven't been able to work during lockdown it has given me a lot of time to concentrate on other things such as my artwork. Luckily, in the Scottish Highlands, I only have to take short walk to enjoy a little nature. 

Using scraps of cardboard from old wine boxes and drawing pads I painted a small series of images from around my local area in the Blackisle. Firstly I applied a couple of layers of gesso to the cardboard to create a surface to paint on. This took a couple of days. I painted the final pictures using acrylic paint. I am developing an illustration portfolio and wanted to experiment with acrylic paint as possible medium.

Prints now available. CLICKHERE

Overhanging Tree at Littleburn Woods - Acrylic on Cardboard

Overhanging Tree at Littleburn Woods - Acrylic on Corrugated Cardboard


Log Over a Stream Littleburn Woods - Acrylic on Cardboard


The Fairy Glen -  Acrylic on Cardboard


Waterfall at the Fairy Glen - Acrylic on Cardboard


Tree Reflections at Littleburn Woods - Acrylic on Cardboard

Prints now available. CLICK HERE

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